Friday, January 08, 2010

Boyer's model of education

Type of Scholarship
Measures of Performance

Build new knowledge through traditional research.
• Publishing in peer-reviewed forums.
• Producing and/or performing creative work within established field.
• Creating infrastructure for future studies.

Interpret the use of knowledge across disciplines.
• Preparing a comprehensive literature review
• Writing a textbook for use in multiple disciplines.
• Collaborating with colleagues to design and deliver a core course.

Aid society and professions in addressing problems.
• Serving industry or government as an external consultant.
• Assuming leadership roles in professional organizations.
• Advising student leaders, thereby fostering their professional growth.

Study teaching models and practices to achieve optimal
• Advancing learning theory through classroom research.
• Developing and testing instructional materials
• Mentoring graduate students.
• Designing and implementing a program level assessment system.

Faculty development info by Martha Nibert at U Idaho