Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The dissertation journal I wish I had started earlier

I was talking with a friend today who is just reading for her exams and has reached level four - first she did the getting organised and pretending to start reading,
then she panicked and went into total avoidance, depression, and paralysing fear,
then she got pushed to do a bit of stuff and thought she would be able to get going,
then she realised she still wasn't doing anything but now she is able to pick out specific reasons why she is stuck - making her fear specific and part of the process rather than just overwhelming.

Still confused but on a higher level.

I then talked to my friend/mentor and explained about where I am (will try to write about that thursday - it's about backing into the proposal writing and then getting feedback and turning it into a process and then getting more feedback and realising that different people will have different kinds of feedback and in the end there is only one person who knows what I am trying to accomplish - me. This has to be my show!!). She pointed out that EVERYBODY goes through this - if they say they are not, they are lying. I told her about "structural emotions" and she agreed completely with the idea.

So, the structural emotions of graduate studies - that would be a title and a topic for a book.