Wednesday, August 29, 2007

To do list for ABD group part 1

These are all things I need to do for my dissertation:


Sharon Arnault's article - write thank you note

"Ordering the World"

Dan's article in AHR - DONE

Dan's article on intellectual history - DONE

Biographies of Macaulay and Montagu

Make outline of diss - DONE

Organise books according to outline --- started

Figure out what I can find in archives
in London
in New York
in Google books
download History of England volumes 1-8

Adress the following questions/issues:
- gender history - where is it headed?
- do I have a position on the change in assumptions in the middle of the 18th c?
- follow up on the issue of authorial humility (responses on C18L)
- reread stuff on CITIZENSHIP that goes in chapter one (I think) and write it up
These are all things I need to do academically:
For article:
Finish Kerber
Finish People's History of America

For conferences/grants:
- Do roundup of submission deadlines
- Say no to British Scholar
- Register for WCBS in Albuquerque