Friday, March 09, 2012

Women warriors

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 Angelique Brulon - awarded the French Legion of Honor. She defended Corsica in seven campaigns between 1792 and 1799. At first she fought disguised as a man, by the time her gender was discovered she had proved so valuable in battle that she was allowed to remain in the military fighting openly as a woman.
 Jean (Jenny) Cameron of Glendessary raised 300 men and led them to the raising of the Jacobite standard in Scotland on 19th August 1745
 Phoebe Hessel (1713-1821) was born in Stepney and joined the army at the age of 15 served for many years as a private soldier in the 5th Reg't of Foot (or Northumberland Fusiliers) in different parts of Europe including Montserrat and in 1745 at Fontenoy.
 Theroigne de Mericourt commanded the third corps of the army of the Faubourg, during the French Revolution.
  Virginie Ghesquiere was awarded the French Legion of Honor in the 18th century.

Marie Schellinck, a Belgian received the French Legion of Honor and a military pension in 1808
Nadezhda Durova joined the Russian calvary and served with distinction as an officer for nine years disguised as a man. She published a diary called "The Cavalry Maiden"
Sylvia Mariotti served as a private in the 11th Battalion of the Italian Bersaglieri from 1866 to 1879.

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