Friday, February 10, 2006

What I learned about losing weight

Things that seem to make a difference (since I mention different things every time someone asks)

- Don't eat in the car. Only chewing gum, fruit, and coffee allowed in the car, which seriously cuts down on the candy, fast food and chips/pringles/cheetos.

- Do your excercise. Every day. However uninclined or stressed you may be. If you do the excercise you will be less likely to fuck up the eating - changes the body chemistry somehow and there is also, of course, the pride factor.

- Eat smaller portions. Make your stomach used to smaller portions and your head will get used to thinking smaller. This should be combined with:

- Eat often. Leave room for regular fruit/vegetable snacks and make sure you never get horribly hungry. Being horribly hungry makes you desperate and you will talk yourself into eating all kinds of odd things.

- Get enough sleep. If you are sleepy you will eat to stay alert and you have less resistance to the little hungry voice in your head.

- Do your excercise. Every day. Yes I know I already mentioned it, but it makes another sort of difference too. If you shape your body and invest in the differences you see you don't want to spoil it by bad food.

- Learn about nutrition and calories. If you know what you are eating and actually keep count you will learn - after a while - what there is room for in your food budget. You learn how to pick what calories are important to you and which you can do without.

- Stop the simple carbs. No white bread, no large heaps of white pasta or rice. Don't eat the roll or the breading or the top bun on the hamburger or the fries ... Make sure you get the flavors and the veggies and then add some carbs on the side, rather than using the carbs as a base and adding the meat and veggies on top.