Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Brave One

Jodie Foster's newest is bad - really really bad. Bad plot, bad director, bad director of photography, bad acting at times. The outline probably looked good - and from the outline it would have been possible to make it a good movie, Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Initially the couple is not set up properly - they act too much in love for no reason and we don't get to see a relationship. Then the attack happens and Foster's character is all alone in the hospital and all alone when she gets home - for no reason. She stays at home and then goes out - when the cops don't have time for her she buys a gun - for no apparent reason. She gets into an awful lot of difficult situations - for no reason. She kills people and we are not quite sure why - then the cops get on her tail - possibly for good reason. Then the cop has a change of heart - for no reason. Then she finds her dog - and leaves it - for no reason. There is simply no motivation for the acts and reactions of the characters, but we don't get a sense that the idea is that their motivations are murky or conflicting - just that the director couldn't bother deciding what s/he wanted to say.

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