Thursday, September 06, 2007

Publication the first

I will have a publication - "Select Papers" from the CRE 2007. I am very happy. Really very exceedingly happy. I don't know how many people sent in ther papers for consideration, but I know there were almost 150 speakers and there were about 35 names on the list of recipients for the email saying our papers were approved. The speakers at that conference included Sara Maza, David Bell, Rosemarie Zagarri, Isser Wolloch, Jeremy Popkin, Elizabeth Eisenstein, among many others (although mostly they were serving as commentators on other people's papers). This is a good day.

The series appears to be published by Florida State UP and the general info is:
ISSN: 1092-0013; LCCN: 96-640299 ; sn 95-31874
OCLC: 32531229

just in case ...

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