Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Darn it - Rachel wrote me with the information that there is this guy Hayden White - why did I not know about him?? Why did I not know that there was Collingwood and Hayden and so many others!!!

Oh well, here goes, the beginnings of a list:

R.G. Collingwood
The Idea of History

E.H. Carr
What is History?

Roger Chartier
On the Edge of the Cliff

Michel de Certeau
The Practice of Everyday Life

Raphael Samuel
Theatres of Memory Vol. 1: Past and Present in Contemporary Culture, (Verso, 1996)
Theatres of Memory Vol. 2: Island Stories: Unravelling Britain, (Verso, 1999) -the ground-breaking look at the way that we see the past.

Hayden White:
The Content of Form: Narrative Discourse and Historical Representation, 1987

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