Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ode to the past - a performance in nine fits, with gusto

Some of all the little snippets:

the mother and daughter who dance and can get along at the dance studio, even when they are not talking at home - where translation in to physical language mediates the conflict and makes it bearable

the animal experiment with gorillas (?) who share food with the stranger first and then the stranger offers the food to the protagonist's friend - the first sharing the beginning of a new relationship and the second sharing a signal that the new bonds will not disrupt the old friendships

hospitality as a way to understand how we negotiate between self and other, between us and them, and how the formality of the rules demonstrate willingness to interact beyond the specific content of the interaction (we may not agree on the points of discussion, but we will accept the meeting rules)

Aging - all ways / always - the recurring shift of perspective that comes with understanding, how we recreate our past as we understand more of our present

interactive fashion - clothing that lets you be on facebook - huh

my father when I was three or four - leaving a basket with sandwiches, milk and the morning paper so I would entertain myself until my mother woke up. Who came up with that idea

Mom does not know how to set boundaries for herself and thinks others will overstep as she has overstepped - so she withdraws. 

She realized that when she died, the scars on her body would disappear with her, and the thought filled her with immense sadness. She had earned those scars, they were memories, and their presence comforted  her  - pieces of her past that stayed with her.




The seven deadly sins:

lust - luxuria (self-indulgent sexual desire)
gluttony - gula (overindulgence, resulting from lack of self-discipline)
greed - avaritia
sloth - acedia (also, the sorrow of the world)
wrath - ira
envy - invidia (sometimes at the unjustified wealth of your neighbor)
pride - superbia (also, vainglory - unjustified boasting)

J saw Jayne Mansfield when he was nine .. inauguration of a bowling alley ..

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