Friday, September 09, 2005

Another repeat

My mind is more and more becoming an echo chamber, where half forgotten ideas and stories whisper their ghostlike existence just beyond my reach. There was this story, a woman wearing only a fishnet, who confronted a king ... I can't remember her name or the story or even what mythologogical universe she was a part of.

Did I do any reading - I went to Stein Mart's sale. It is so much fun to shop for clothes when you can try on sizes that would have been silly to even contemplate just two months ago - three ... whoa, times goes fast, runs fast, speeds past me and you and everyone else. Bye bye. Anyway, this, the blog, and the weight loss, are both part of my very complex scheme of avoidance. It would probably be much easier to just read some books than to organise a whole new me, a new and improved presence on the web and a whole website with support for Teaching Assistants so I can post a link to my sit when I write the Dean to schmaltz him into giving us some representation on at least some of the many committees that will plan our future. I suspect that when I get to the writing a dissertation part I will write a novel just to not have to do what is on my schedule ... maybe I should go to law school, that might get me reading history books.

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Anonymous said...

It seems more like advertising to me. Maybe I am just too tired.