Friday, September 09, 2005

Eye of the storm

Just so I remember what it was called - the blog by two Sun Herald reporters who cannot write enough. Technology sometimes makes available things that are too hard to bear, and I get caught in this obsessive idea that if they lived through it, I have to read it, and feel the pain and not stop reading until I have read it all because they could not turn off their computer and make it stop. Probably not a healthy reaction, but I think it is one of the reasons I am in graduate school and one of the things that motivate me to move forward so I guess I don't want to be cured quite yet.

Would I leave my home if I couldn't take my cats. No. Simple as that. I would not, could not, abandon them and live with myself.

Do I get frustrated when I read about the people who are still staying. Yes. Maybe they have cats. Maybe they have no other place to go. Maybe they have no selves if they don't have their home.

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